Fun with Earthtime

The children have enjoyed a 6 week block of outdoor learning with Earthtime. They had all types of weather from snow to scorching heat and the children made the most of it.

New skills and knowledge have been learned which included how to be safe outdoors, raft building, tree identification, pond life identification, den building, "cooking" with the mud kitchen, forest art, making a fire and cooking on an open fire. The fire skills also covered safety, both for them and the environment.

Pupils from Newmill Primary P3-5 were invited by the children to come and see our fabulous equipment and for us to showcase what had been learned. A fantastic day was had - and the sun shone!

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for St Fumac's Fair when it rained all day. However, the children had a great time showing those who did visit the fair, their new found skills.