Learning about World War 2

The school has been learning about what life was like for children during the war.

Keith Heritage Group came and gave a very informative talk and the slideshow kept the children engrossed. Many children have been speaking to family members about their experiences and sharing these with their class. Old helmets, a gas mask, a phone, photos, a washing board and a crystal set were some of the items taken to school. The children were amazed at how different things were back then.

All children have made an Anderson Shelter out of paper from plans found on the internet. It was a bit fiddly but we could see how cramped they would have been to live in.

P2-4 have made their own shelter and are having great fun playing in it.

As a treat the school went on the Keith-Dufftown Railway 1940's train. Everyone dressed up and the children all had identity cards and a label similar to evacuees. On arriving at Dufftown we visited 4 different areas - Land Army, Memories of an Evacuee, A Desert Rat and Steam and what it was used for on the farms. It all passed too quickly before heading back to Drummuir Station. A spy was captured on the train.

This topic has certainly captured their imaginations and made them think about how difficult it was to be a child living through the war.