Lego Mindstorm Challenge

Generation Science visited the school to introduce the P5-7 pupils to programming. This is the first of two sessions.

The children started by giving Ailsa instructions to walk across the room and then developed this further to fully understand that a robot can only do as well as the programme a human puts into it.

They worked with a partner and each had a laptop to build their programme then downloaded it to their robot. A circuit had been built to try out their robot and after a few false starts they were quickly getting the hang of it. They worked through cards which asked them to programme instructions for a specific manoeuvre and these increased in difficulty.

Beth and Callan, from Generation Scinece, were impressed at how far they progressed for the first session.

They are all looking forward to the next session which will introduce them to more sensors for the robot and even trickier programming.

Everyone had a fantastic time.